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Kissing Fun » Kissing Games
Do you want to spice up your party or even play a 1-on-1 game with your partner?
Kissing games are perfect for a fun group party (maybe you'll end up kissing your crush?) or an intimate night with your lover.
Check out this complete guide with more than 70 kissing games for both couples and groups.

  • 2 minute Temptations
    Start off with an even number of guys and girls. The guys move off into separate closets in different sections of the house (the girls dont know which person is in which closet). After the guys are situated, hidden in the closets, the girls each pick a different closet and walk into it, not knowing with whom they are sharing. For 2 minutes, anything goes, anything they want, and no holding back. After the two minutes are up, they couples come out of each closet and find out who they were really having pleasure with.
  • 60 Seconds in Heaven
    You will need red lipstick and a timer for this. A boy and girl are sent into a closet for 60 seconds. Either of the two slathers their lips with the red lipstick and rushes to kiss the other person as many times as possible on any area of exposed skin (face, neck, arms, etc.), leaving one lip print for each kiss. When the 60 seconds is up, their friends open the closet and count how many lip prints are on the receiving partner. Each male-female pair takes turns going into the closet. The pair that left the most lip prints wins.
  • 7/11 Minutes in Heaven (for the younger crowd)
    Have two choosers. These people must know the contestants well. They must pick a boy and a girl to go into a closet. First they must hug and then kiss, on the cheek and then on the lips. Not many teens will attempt this, so the first person complete the task wins. Everyone must have go and others may be picked twice.
  • Animal Instincts
    Get a group of girls and guys together in guy/girl/guy/girl order. Get a stuff animal (preferably one that looks like a real person). Pass the stuffed animal around, with each person kissing a part of the animal (no part can be repeated). After the animal has been kissed and passed around the entire circle, everyone must kiss the person to their left in the same spot and way that they did to the stuff animal. If the person fails to repeat their act then they have either quit the game give someone a hickey!
  • Apple Game
    Get an apple (not a cold one). Sit guy/girl in a circle usually only 4 people. Bite the apple so it is sticking out of your mouth the person next to you must take it from you using only their mouth. If the apple falls every one must take one bite of it. The apple gets smaller and eventually you will have to reach in to the others mouth with your tongue to get what is left of the apple. When apple is gone simply get another one and continue. You can substitute almost any other fruit for the apple.
  • Body Shots
    Get an even number of guys and girls, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cherries, and anything other topping that you'd like. Have one guy or girl laying down and the other person above them with the whipped cream (or other topping). They can put it wherever they want (or you can set limits) and they have to lick it off.
  • Card Kisses
    Sit in a circle (guy/girl). Fold a card for each person with a part of the body written on it (e.g. tounge, lips, cheek, stomach, etc). Pass out the cards and you have to kiss, lick, or suck that body part of the person next to you.
  • Cherry Game
    You take a group of guys and girls and go around in a circle. Take a cherry and start passing it around. Once you get through the first round, the second round is to spit it into your partner and the have to catch it with there mouth.
  • Clothes Pin Game
    Gather a group of guys and girls. One person starts by putting a clothes pin anywhere on one of the guys/girls clothes. They must then take it off with her mouth/teeth. If they don't take it off on the first try or drops it, they must kiss that person wherever the clothes pin was on their body. The person who had the clothes pin on them then picks the person that they put the clothes pin on next.
  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 is supposed to be a magical romanitc and relaxing place. Try to create your own 'Cloud 9' with this kissing game. All guys and girls line up shoulder to shoulder, except one. The chooser (selected from a hat) counts down the line 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. They can do this any way every other, just123456789, backwards, every 3, ect. Once the person is chosen, the chooser counts the excess amount of guys. If there are 12 guys left they must make out 120 seconds (ex. 12+0=120 36+0=360). You can do whatever you want when you go into the closet, but as soon as time is up the door opens.
  • Dice is Nice
    Get two dice and put masking tape over all the dots on both dice. One one die, write different body parts (ex: mouth, tummy, ear, thigh). One the second die, write different actions (ex: kiss, suck, touch).You take turns rolling. When it lands, you complete the action shown to the body part shown.
  • Drawing Board
    This game only needs two people: you and your partner. Lightly draw kissing marks on your partner's body (lipstick or {gourmet body paints} works well for this). Then fill each of those marks with your own lips! This is especially fun with the body paints!
  • Eyes Wide Open
    This involves one couple. Kiss your partner with your eyes open for as long as you can. The first one to blink or stop the kiss, loses.
  • Guess Who?
    This is an intimate version of "Heads Up-7up". Gather an even number of guys and girls and stand across the room from each other, with the girls blindfolded. Each guy picks a girl, walks over, and kisses them, making sure not to let the girl know who they are. After each guy gives a girl a kiss, they line up across the room. The girls then take off their blindfolds and try to guess who kissed them. If the girl guesses correctly, the guy is out. The game continues until there is only one left.
  • Hand Kisses
    This game is for 2 people. Pick a type of kiss for each of your five fingers. Have your partner choose one of your fingers, then give them that type of kiss.
  • Havick
    Gather an even number of guys and girls. The guys get in one line and the girls get in another. Both teams close their eyes. The girls shuffle them selves around and the guys do the same. Each girl moves forward along with the guys coming closer, then they kiss. If you can guess who you kissed, you get to continue. If you cant, you're out.
  • Hide-and-Go Get It
    This game is similar hide-and-go seek. All guys are on one team and all girls are on another team. While one team counts, the other team hides. When a person finds someone from the opposite sex's team, they have to go to home base and make out for two minutes. This continues until everyone is back at home base. Then, the teams switch places, and the game starts over again.
  • Hot Like Fire
    This is a more intimate game between couples. Each couple gets an ice cube and has to melt the ice cube between each other. The first couple to melt their ice cube gets alone time together in a closet or separate room until the next ice cube is melted.
  • Hot Sauce
    Gather a group of 4 or more people, but pair up guy/girl. Put hot sauce on each of your tounges and make out, seeing who can last longer. The person that lasts the longest wins.
  • Ice Cubes for Two
    Lay your partner down and place an ice cube on their stomach. Then have them gently sit up, allowing the ice cube to slide down their stomach. Where ever it lands, you have to caress and kiss for two minutes. This will definitely lead to more fun.
  • In the Dark
    Have a group of guys and girls out in the dark (backyard, etc). Everyone closes their eyes (or uses blindfolds) and walks around. When you bump into someone, kiss them.
  • In the Dark
    Gather a large group of friends. Turn off all the lights and go around and kissing as many people of the opposite sex as you can before the lights come back on . Tap the person on the shoulder before you kiss them to see if it’s a guy or a girl. If they pat you on the head that means they are a guy. If they tap you on the back that means they’re a girl.
  • Intimate Kiss for a Reason
    You must have an equal number of guys and girls, a judge, paper, and pencils. Every person playing the game must write on a sheet of paper were on their body they would most like to be kissed or where their most intimate kiss was. Next, all pieces of paper go in a hat or holder of some sort. Everyone must draw a piece of paper and in some order go around the circle and read the piece of paper they selected. After reading the paper, the person must take one guess at who they think it belongs to. If they get it right, they don't do anything and the next person goes. If they get it wrong, the person who it belongs to must come forward and the two must have a long, intimate kiss.
  • Jolly Rancher Game
    Take a jolly rancher and put it in your mouth. Pass it to the left in a guy/girl/guy/girl fashion. The person who has the jolly rancher in their mouth when it disolves has to spend 10 minutes in a closet/bathroom/room with the person to their left.
  • Kiss and Dare
    Gather a group of guys and girls and sit in a circle. Start with one person spinning a bottle. Whoever it lands on, gets to spend alone time in a closet with the person who spun the bottle. Before the couple goes into the closet, the rest of the group gives them a dare. If they complete the dare, all is well. If they don't, they must either strip in front of the group or kiss everyone in the group.
  • Kiss n' Miss
    Start with an even number of guys and girls. Pair yourselves off (guy/girl) with the person who you have been wanting to kiss the most. Then you must take turns trying to kiss your partner. The catch to the game is the you must try not to let your partner kiss you. When your partner is resisting your kisses, try to persuade them to let you kiss them. This is a great game for a dating couple.
  • Kiss or Be Kissed
    Sit in a circle alternating girl/guy/gil/guy. Start with the person who is hosting the party. That person picks someone to kiss or the person to their left picks someone for them to kiss. You can keep going as long as you want!
  • Kiss or Dare
    This fun kissing game is "Truth or Dare" with a twist. Gather a group of men and women into a circle. One person chooses another to a "dare". If the person completes the dare, they move on by choosing the next person to "dare". If the person does not complete the dare, the must kiss the person who dared them.
  • Kiss or Slap
    Put two chairs back to back. Pick a guy and girl to sit on each of the chairs. Have someone count to three and then turn their head either to the right or to the left. If they both turn in the same direction, they kiss. If they turn in opposite directions, they slap.
  • Kiss the Pig
    Sit with your friends in a circle (alternate girl-guy) and pass around an imaginary pig, clockwise. Ask everyone to name and kiss a different body part on the "pig". After the pig makes it around, tell everyone to kiss the player to their left...on the same spot where they kissed the pig.
  • Kissing Cards
    Take all of the heart cards out of a deck of cards, then choose a partner of the opposite sex. One of you draws a card which decides how many kisses you give that person or how many minutes you make out (your choice).
  • Kissing Dice
    Sit guy/girl in groups of six. Put tape over a die and write the 6 people's names on the die. Cover a second die with tape and write down articles of clothing on each side. The first person rolls and then takes that person (if opposite sex) into a closet. While inside, they take off the article of clothing that was rolled and everything below it.
  • Kissing Dice Game
    Sit in a cirle with a die in the middle. Take turns rolling the dice. When a person rolls the die, they then spin a bottle to determine who they will kiss. If the die was a 1- it's a kiss on the cheek, 2- kiss on lips, 3- short tongue kiss, 4- longer tongue kiss, 5- two minutes in the closet, 6- 7 minutes in the closet.
  • Kissing Game Variations #1
    You have to use only your lips, no tongues, and you have to make the kiss last a two minutes while also trying to give the person something to remeber you by, try to make it as passionate as possible.
  • Kissing Game Variations #2
    You have to use only the tips of your tongues and make this kiss last three minutes long, try and give the person the time of their life.
  • Kissing Numbers
    Write different numbers on slips of paper. Give all girls odd numbers and all guys even. Start by having a guy by having a guy call out an odd number. The girl with that number then follows guy into closet/bathroom. They must stay in there for 5 minutes. After they come out, the girl calls out an even number and so on.
  • Kissing String
    Gather an even number of guys and girls. Line up the guys on one side and the girls on the other across from each other. Get an even length of string for each guy/girl pair and have them put one end in each of their mouths. When you say go, everyone has to chew the string. The first pair to get to the middle and kiss wins! This is fun to do with candy such as twizzlers as well!
  • Kissing Tag
    One person is "it" and the other players run off. If you get taged, you stay frozen in that spot. To get unfrozen, someone has to kiss you. If you are frozen three times, you become "it". (This game is similar to freeze tag, only you kiss to un-freeze).
  • Longest Kiss
    Gather a group of friends (an even number of guys and girls), then seperate into pairs and make out with your partner. The pair who makes out the longest...wins!
  • Longevity
    Turn out lights and make out with your partner for 2 full hours.
  • Make-out Minute
    Write down the name of everyone and put it into a box. One person picks out 2 names. If they are both guys or girls, then they go into a room or closet and tell the other person a very personal fact. If it's a guy and a girl, then they go into a room or close and make-out for 5 minutes.
  • Movie & Music Kisses
    Arrange yourself in a guy/girl formation and then all agree on a common word. Listen to some songs or watch a movie and whenever that word is said everyone has to kiss the person to their left. Don't pick a word like 'the' or 'a' because they are way to common. This game can also work as a one-on-one game.
  • Movie Kissing
    Watch a movie full of kisses with mute volume. During every kissing scene, you and your partner make the sounds, but can't touch each other until the movie is over.
  • No No Kiss
    This game is played just like Duck Duck Goose. You sit in a circle with guys and girls. Select a person to be "it". That person goes around saying "No, No, No..." until they get to a person they want to kiss, then they say "kiss". They then run and try to make it back to that person's place without getting caught. If they get caught, they kiss.
  • Pass the CD
    Start by sitting guy/girl/guy/girl. The first peron starts by putting their tounge through the cd hole. They pass it to the next person using their tounge. It's a fun game, especially for some one on one tounge action with a person you really like!
  • Pass the Glowstick
    - Purchase one of those small glow sticks that are used to refill things like rings, necklaces, etc. Sit in a circle in guy/girl/guy/girl fashion. Turn off all the lights and make sure that all you can see is the glow stick and nothing else! One person starts off holding the glow stick with their lips and passing it to the player next to them. All you can see is the glow stick disappear and how long it takes until it reappears. This is also a good time to fool around with the person beside you since no one else can see you. Just make sure that your other partner does not get to you before you are done or they will catch on!
  • Pass the Gum
    This is a one-on-one game. Put a piece of gum in your mouth and kiss your partner. The objective is to get the gum out of the other person's mouth, while they're trying to keep it in. Makes for a good round of tongue war!
  • Pass the Ice
    Very similar to suck and blow, however there is much more intimate contact. You sit in a man-woman-man-woman etc. circle and pass a piece of ice from one mouth to the other. The person who last has the ice before it melts wins! For a longer lasting game, the person who it melts on is out and the rest of the players continue play with another piece of ice. Last one in the circle wins!
  • Playing Cards & Kisses
    Get a deck of playing cards. Make a list of things to do while kssing or that has anything to do with kissing. Number them how cards are numbered. Then the first person takes a card and whatever is on it they do with their partner.
  • Popular Kisses
    Gather an even group of guys and girls. To start, everyone writes down who they would like to kiss on a piece of paper. One person adds up the votes and the guy and girl who got the most votes have to kiss (and spend alone time together for the rest of the game). You continue all over again, but without those two people until everyone is having alone time!
  • Push and Kiss
    This game is for 2 people. The guy lies on top of the girl and starts doing push ups. Each time he goes down, he must kiss her. Be sure to get creative with the {types of kisses}.
  • Red Apple
    Sit in guy/girl order in a circle. Hold an apple between your chin and neck. The goal is to pass it around the circle as ling as possiable. If you drop the apple, you have to kiss the person you were passing it to.
  • Rock, Paper, Kisses
    Play rock, paper, scissors, but the loser must kiss the winner.
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven
    Gather a group of men and women. The basics of the game are two people in a dark closet together for seven minutes. You can choose the two lucky people by drawing names, playing "kiss or dare", "spin the bottle", or even rolling dice. Get creative!
  • Sink or Kiss
    First gather 15 very small items in the house/area. Then, put them into a bowl full of water. If the item sinks, you must reveal a deep secret. If it floats, you must kiss you partner!
  • Sneak Away
    This is a one-on-one game. You can play it anytime, anywhere. When you're out with a group of friends, you and your partner sneak away (ie. to a stairwell or behind a door). Then you passionately kiss each other. The key element is that the friends you are out with will inevitably come and look for the two of you and may find you in the act.
  • Spin the Bottle
    Gather a group of men and women into a circle. Place a bottle in the center of the circle. The first person spins the bottle. He/She steals a lucky kiss from whomever the bottle points to when it stops. Add a little romance by playing in the dark and substituting the bottle for a flashlight!
  • Spin the Bottle in the Bedroom
    This game must be played in a bedroom. Gather an intimate group of friends and sit in a circle (guy/girl). A guy starts by spinning the bottle. If it doesn't land on a girl, he spins again. The two take off their clothes (leaving their underwear) and then go under the sheets on the bed. The must stay under there together for 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes are over, they re-join the circle, but can not put their clothes back on.
  • Spin the Bottle: Version 3
    Play regular spin the bottle and keep count of how many times you've kissed each person. The frst 10 kisses are on the cheek the when you get to 11-20 you have to kiss on the lips. 21-30 is a little tounge action and so on. Get creative with it!
  • Spin the Lipgloss
    Get any kind of lip gloss and sit in a circle, alternating guy/girl. Spin the lip gloss and when it stops, the spinner must put on the lip gloss and kiss that person.
  • Spin thr Bottle: Version 2
    Like in regular 'Spin the Bottle', gather a group of guys and girls. Get a bottle or flashlight and place it in the middle. Someone spins it and whoever they land on, they must kiss them, and so on. Now the twist. If you land on the same person twice, you must french kiss them. If you land on them a third time, you must spend 5 minutes together in a closet or dark room.
  • Star Kisses
    At nightime on a clear night, take a blanket and a group of 3 to 5 guys and 3 to 5 girls (equal number of guys and girls) and divide up into pairs (boy/girl of course). For one minute they have to hold each other and count stars. Every time you get to a hundred stars they have to kiss for one minute. The first one minute kiss must be slow and sensual, the second hot and heavy, and the ensuing kisses will switch off in this manner between hot/heavy and slow/sensual. It's romantic and exciting.
  • Starburst Game
    Gather your friends and pair off into male/female couples. Each couple is given a starburst candy still in the wrapper. When someone says to start, the couples have to try to unwrap the starburst together with their tongues. The object of the game is to be the couple who unwraps their starburst the fastest.
  • Starburst Game # 2
    Get an even number of guys and girls. Line the girls up along one wall and the guys along the opposite. You give each of the guys a starburst to put in their mouth, then turn off all the lights. The guys and girls make their way across the room until they meet the person in front of them. The goal is for the guy/girl to get the starburst into their partners mouth in the dark.
  • Stare Down
    This is a one-on-one game with your parter. Sit really close to your sweetie and then gaze into each other's eyes. The first person to kiss the other one "loses".
  • Stare Down 2
    You and a partner have a staring contest. You must time how long it takes until one of you blinks. For however long it takes until some one blinks, you must passionately kiss.
  • Stop Signs
    When driving, if you come to a stop sign that is a 3 or 4 way stop, you have to kiss your partner that many times.
  • Suck and Blow
    A common parlor game. To begin, gather a group of men and women into a circle. Pass a playing card (an ace for luck!) from mouth to mouth by first inhaling to receive the card and then exhaling to pass the card to the next person. If the pass is successful, you'll feel surprisingly light-headed. If unsuccessful, the card slips, leaving your lips locked in a "surprise kiss" with your unsuspecting neighbor. Position yourself next to someone that you long to kiss to make the game extra special.
  • Survivor Kisses
    Every boy must kiss every girl (or the other way around), and then secretly write who they think was the worst kisser. The votes are tallied and then the person from each gender who got the most votes is kicked off the 'island'. Continue untill only two players are left and then give them any reward, depending on how extreme you want to get.
  • Survivor Kissing
    Line all the guys up on one side of the room and the girls on the other. Start by having one girl go up to each guy, and kiss them on the lips. Continue this until all the girls have gone. Then repeat this, only using the guys. Everyone then writes who they think is the best kisser on a piece of paper. The person with the least amount of votes loses. Keep repeating this until it is down to 2 girls, and 2 guys. Everyone then votes who they think the cutest couple would be and those 2 people have to go into any room and spend 7 minutes in heaven.
  • Survivor Kissing #2
    Like Survivor Kissing, except when only one girl or boy is left, then that girl/boy picks the best kisser out of the group of "judges". The two go into a room/clost/bathroom for 5 minutes together.
  • Teasing Kisses
    The object of the game is to do as you wish to your partner, trying to get them to kiss you. You can do anything to lure them to your lips, but you can not kiss them. They will do the same to you. The person to last the longest without giving in wins.
  • Tempetaure Game
    Get a group of guys and girls.Write each name and then put the gender in different hats. Next, someone picks a name from each hat. The girl who was picked stands in the middle of the room and closes her eyes. When she says "go", the guy moves his hand up and down in front of her body. When the girl says "stop", the guy must kiss the area that his hand was in front of.
  • The Lifesaver Game
    This game is similar to suck and blow. While not quite as intimate, it's great fun! Line up in girl/guy order and make sure everyone has a toothpick in their mouth. The person at the end of the line has a lifesaver on their toothpick. That person then turns to the next person and tries to transfer the Lifesaver to the other persons toothpick. Continue moving down the line doing the same thing.
  • Tip of Your Tongue
    This game is for 2 people. With the tip of your tongue, spell a word on the top of your partners mouth. If your parnter gets it right he/she gets to do what they want to you. If they get it wrong, you get to do what you want to them. Take turns spelling words with your tongue.
  • Wink
    This game can be played with as many people as you want. Each person needs to select a partner of the opposite sex. and sit in a circle next to each other. In the middle of the circle sits the 'winker'. The 'winker' can wink at anyone in the circle that they want. Then, the person who was winked at tried to get to the 'winker' and kiss them as their parter tries to hold them down. If the person who received the wink can not get to the winker, the 'winker' remains. If they get to the 'winker', they become the next 'winker'.
  • Word Lovin
    Arrange yourself in a guy /girl/guy/girl formation and then all agree on a common word. Listen to some songs or watch a movie and whenever that word is said everyone has to kiss the person to their left. Do not pick a word like 'the' or 'a'. This game can also work as a one-on-one game.
  • Word of the Day
    This game is for two people. Each person thinks of a word, but doesn't tell their partner. Throughout the day, if one person says the other person's word that partner has to drop everything and kiss the other.
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