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All about Johnny Depp

Star sign: Gemini Johnny Depp

Born under a Gemini Sun, Johnny is incredibly versatile, a great communicator and can easily do three things at once. Talking, facts and trivia are all a form of sport for him, but his Sun Trine Saturn brings a sweetly serious side to a potentially flaky or happy-go-lucky Sign. This aspect means Johnny sets himself realistic goals and is a diligent, prudent worker. Instead of being all talk, he backs up his ideas with solid action.

His Capricorn Moon gives him an ambitious edge and the ability to wait for things to come to him. This Moon placement may make him a bit cool or restrained in the love department, but it’s great for his career. All’s not lost for Johnny’s love life, however. His Moon interacts with several of his other Planets, effectively softening him up and saving the day. First, it’s Square Jupiter, which may make him too much of a softie, with a real vulnerability for sob stories. His Moon Sextile Neptune lends him a very healthy dose of intuition and possibly even psychic abilities, and Trine Pluto gives him tremendous emotional strength. Furthermore, his Mercury Conjunct Venus in Taurus makes him a charming and affectionate lover.

His love relationships are also likely to be tied to his career and reputation, since the Mercury-Venus Conjunction lies in his Tenth House of Social Status. We could attribute his relationships with lover Vanessa Paradis and exes Winona Ryder, Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey and Kate Moss to this Tenth House Venus influence. Or we could just chalk those relationships up to Johnny’s status as one of the Hollywood elite. For an actor as recognisable (and lusted after) as him, it would be hard to connect with anyone not ‘in the business’. What we can infer from the Stars is that Johnny has a hectic love life. His Venus Squares both Mars and Uranus, making him incredibly sexy and attractive but throwing a chaotic element into the mix that makes his love affairs typically short and intense.

Johnny’s darker side comes to view via Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. He may seem quiet and mild-mannered, but underneath this slick veneer is someone who could lose it if his cleaner were to mess up his desk. He has some diametrically opposed impulses at war within him, namely the urge to be reckless and rebellious (Mercury Square Uranus, Mars Conjunct Uranus) versus the urge toward conservatism and efficient perfectionism (this influence coming from Virgo and his Saturn aspects). With these planetary alignments, Johnny would be advised to tread lightly, although some might be attracted to this edgy aspect of his personality.

And finally, Johnny’s Mars Conjunct Pluto may be the most telling of all as to his overall impact on the general public. This aspect between the Planets of Passion and Power is what makes him so magnetically, sexily attractive, so incredibly ambitious and so passionate about his work.

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