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Discover how the stars dictate the way you date and conduct yourself in a relationship.

  • Aries
    Find out why the fiery Ram loves the thrill of the chase.
  • Taurus
    Find the passionate lover within the steady Bull.
  • Gemini
    Discover how to keep the inquisitive Twins entertained.
  • Cancer
    Study up on what makes a perfect partner for the caring Crab.
  • Leo
    See how to smooth the mane of the lively Lion.
  • Virgo
    Unearth the smouldering sensuality in the gentle Virgin.
  • Libra
    Find out what shakes up the balanced Scales.
  • Scorpio
    Peruse the depths of faithfulness found in the sizzling Scorpion.
  • Sagittarius
    Recognise the inventiveness of the stimulating Archer.
  • Capricorn
    Investigate why the considerate Goat is known as the Zodiac's worker bee.
  • Aquarius
    Identify what the magnetic Water Bearer wants from love.
  • Pisces
    Look into the poetic soul of the fantastical Fish.
  • Find more very useful information in the following sections: About Astrology, Sun Sign Profiles, Celebrity Horoscopes, Kissing by the Sign, Pickup Lines by the Sign, Birth Month Flowers, Birth Month Stones.

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