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Astrology is one of those subjects that are easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master. Most people are familiar with the most basic aspect of Astrology, their Star Sign (or Sun Sign), and can usually name at least one common trait of that Sign. This is largely due to the popularising of Star Signs in daily newspaper columns, magazines and other media. Unfortunately, many people think that their Star Sign is all there is to Astrology. While this is a good place to start, there is a lot more to Astrology than the Sun's position alone.

Astrology is not a modern invention dating back just a few years, decades or even centuries. Infact, Astrology has been studied for millennia - it's as old as recorded history. The original Astrologers were priests and scholars, who were looked up to as doctors and learned men. According to modern speculation, the Three Wise Men of Christian belief were Astrologers. At the time, Astrology was the same science as Astronomy and Psychology, whose modern forms and branches can indeed be traced back to Astrology.

In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans based their systems of Gods on what they believed was in the sky. The Gods and Godesses were based on the Planets visible to the human eye. For instance, Zeus was equated with Jupiter. Astrology was equally popular in Babylon and Egypt, and it also took root in the Middle East, India and China.

Modern Astrology has changed somewhat, with the discovery of new Planets - first Uranus in 1781, then Neptune and Pluto (and finally the Asteroids). Though those three Planets have a stronger effect on generations as a whole, rather than individuals, they still have an important place in modern Astrology.


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