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All about Angelina Jolie

Star sign: Gemini Angelina Jolie

Born under Gemini's influence, Angelina was bound to follow a headlong path towards self-knowledge and enlightenment. Geminis are articulate in self-expression and strong communicators – acting is a natural career choice. They also have a constant thirst for knowledge. They will not rely on the teachings of others, but instead must learn everything for themselves, regardless of the cost. Geminis may have difficulty in concentrating on one particular field or career for very long.

Angelina is a true Gemini. As a child she wanted to be an undertaker, but at the tender and precocious age of 11, she began attending the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Soon she went into modelling, and later attended film school at New York University. She is now an established actress and one of Hollywood's hottest stars – but don't expect this leading lady to stick with acting for long. Angelina’s intense desire to learn life's lessons first-hand, coupled with her tendency to drop projects before they're finished, will probably lead her to places even she'll be surprised to go.

Gemini is an Air Sign, but Angelina's a real firebrand. This could have something to do with the heavy Fire Sign influence in her chart. Both Mars and Jupiter, her Planets of Passion and Luck, reside in fiery Aries, making Angelina a direct, aggressive and competitive person who goes after what she wants on impulse without a backwards glance. The position of these planets in Aries accounts for her courageous, carefree enthusiasm for life, as well as her frequent inability to finish what she has started. One of life’s great lesson for her will be to ground herself and to commit to one project or undertaking – or person – at a time.

Venus, the Planet of Love, resides in Cancer in Angelina's chart. For her, marriage means security. She has a tendency to cling to those she loves, whether romantically or platonically. Her marriage to British actor Jonny Lee Miller, whom she met in 1995 on the set of Hackers, didn't last long. Jonny's a Scorpio – a Water Sign – which may explain why they split up. Angelina's chart is almost completely lacking in Earth Signs; she may do better with an ‘Earthy’ partner who provides her with the stability and pragmatism that she doesn’t possess herself.

Is that Mr Right called Billy Bob? That remains to be seen but, for now, the answer seems to be yes. Angelina's Mars in Aries makes her a doer, not a talker. She married Miller wearing black rubber pants and a t-shirt bearing his name on the back – written in her own blood. She married Thornton even though he was already engaged to someone else (actress Laura Dern). Is she crazy or callous? Not necessarily – she simply feels and acts passionately. Her Moon Square Saturn, however, lends an inhibitive influence to her emotional life; as much as she wants love, and as passionately as she can feel for another person, she may tend toward despondency in her love life. She needs to try and more trusting and optimistic.

Jolie, French for ‘pretty’, is actually Angelina's middle name. The strong Gemini influence in Angelina's chart makes her totally unwilling to ride on her famous actor father's Hollywood coat tails. Her Mercury is in Gemini as well, lending her an agile, perceptive mind and the ability to think logically. Her Saturn is in Cancer, which will benefit her well on her course through life: Whether she continues with acting or finds another form of self-expression, she is graced with the tenacity to continue in any direction she chooses, regardless of the obstacles that may arise. She does not want anyone's sympathy; she will try and solve her own problems without anyone's help. If she can take care that her energies do not become divided (her Jupiter in Aries frequently leads her to overextend herself), she is likely to go far and find the peace and knowledge that she seeks.

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