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All about Ben Affleck

Star sign: Leo Ben Affleck

Born under a Leo Sun, Ben needs to be noticed, recognised, appreciated, adored and worshiped. His Mars in Virgo gives him his detail-oriented, ambitious streak; meaning hes likely to get everything he wants and more.

With his Venus in Cancer, Ben, is a cosy, sensitive and emotional lover. He is caring, knows how to be nice to Mum and is probably a whizz in the kitchen, whipping up hearty home cooking to please his loved ones. In fact, hell do almost anything to impress someone he loves. He is also hurt rather easily and needs lots of cuddling and reassurance that hes appreciated and loved.

Bens Mercury in Leo puts him right out in front of the world, and he definitely has something to say. He is dramatic and energetic, with a true aptitude for story-telling. Hes not content simply to say what someone elses screenplay dictates, however. Affleck has big ideas of his own, hence writing his own screenplay (Good Will Hunting) and, more recently, the 2000 launch of Projectgreenlight, his brainchild with pal Matt Damon, intended to give unknown screenwriters the same kind of chance he and Damon enjoyed with their first script. With Mercury in Leo, Affleck is given to strong opinions and will go out of his way to express his views. With an Oscar and several blockbusters under his belt, we havent seen the last of him lucky for us!

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