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All about Russell Crowe

Star sign: Aries
Birth details: 7th April 1964

Russell Crowe was born under an Aries Sun. The presence of this fiery sign floods Crowe's chart - both his Mars (Planet of Passion) and his Jupiter (Planet of Luck) reside in Aries as well. Aries is sometimes dubbed the Sign of the Warrior; could this have something to do with Russell's attraction to the role of Maximus, the Roman general who is wronged and rises up as a hero in Gladiator? Probably so, it even better explains the actor's reputation as being a little hard to handle - Aries is symbolised by the Ram, and those born under its influence tend to use that Ram energy to butt heads with anyone and everyone who gets in their way.

Russell's Mercury, the Planet of Communication, lies in more steady, Earthy Taurus. This is a fortunate influence as it brings a grounded calm to his Aries fire. Those with Mercury in Taurus are given to practical thinking and common sense. They possess sound judgment that takes everything, including financial prudence, into consideration during any decision-making process. No wonder Crowe has made such good career choices for himself. Even in interviews his communication style is typical of the headstrong Bull: he has been known to leave an interview due to 'boredom', seeing no reason to stick around when things aren't going to his liking. He also has stated in no uncertain terms his refusal to ever consider moving to Hollywood. His farm in the Australian bush suits him just fine, thank you very much, and the down-to-earth Down Under is much more to his liking than glittery Tinseltown.

His Mars and Jupiter in Aries further explain Russell's blunt interviewing style. Jupiter, Planet of Luck, in Aries makes him outspoken, even zealous. He says what he means and not one word more. Mars, the Planet of Passion, in Aries signifies that Russell is a man of direct action. Could this intensity and impatience help explain his pulling the pistol on the poor film crew member? Probably so. It may even better explain his tangling with married lady Meg Ryan. He saw what he wanted and he went after it - well, her - without a thought for the consequences.

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