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All about Hugh Grant

Star sign: Virgo Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was born, most unsurprisingly, under a Virgo Sun. Virgos are famous for their commitment to perfection and an often picky attention to detail. This includes themselves and their physicalities; Virgos like to stay clean, sleek and well-put-together. They often have subtle, modest and impeccable senses of style. Virgo is an Earth Sign, and those born under its influence can be quite physically sensuous once they settle on a suitable mate. Their standards are high! They're strongly analytical, which can sometimes make them hang back in life - they're so busy analysing a person or situation, they may end up failing to actually get involved. They are sensible, methodical and discriminating, characteristics that most likely made his role as the art dealer in Small Time Crooks immediately familiar and appealing to Grant (disregarding, of course, that particular art dealer's manipulative personality!). Art dealer may have been quite a suitable profession for the cultured and refined Grant, had he not chosen acting instead.

Sensible Virgo shows up again in the placement of Mercury, Planet of Communication, in Grant's chart. This placement points to a high level of practicality, precise logic and analytical ability. This Virgo influence has most likely greatly aided Grant in his film career; unlikely to take unnecessary chances, he always studies a situation or proposal and then makes a sound judgement based on his findings.

His Venus, the Planet of Love, lies in sensuous, beauty-loving Libra. Elizabeth Hurley makes perfect sense as a long-term partner for Grant; Libras are beauty addicts, and Grant probably loved waking up to his lovely's sweet face every morning. Venus actually rules Libra, an Air Sign that craves beauty, balance and harmony. Those with this placement desire refinement and culture, a harmonious marriage and above all, congeniality. It follows that if Grant and Hurley's thirteen-year quasi-marriage had to end, it would end amicably; our Hugh wouldn't have it any other way.

His Mars, the Planet of Passion, lies in another Air Sign, Gemini. Those with this influence in their charts tend to stay active, even restless; they may start too many projects and be unable to finish them all, or let out their restlessness in quarrels rather than in physical action. It's hard to imagine Gentle Grant in an argument; for him, the other type of Passion under Gemini's influence may be a bit more telling. Those with Mars in Gemini tend to have a cavalier attitude toward sex. The one and only blip on Grant's record occurred in 1995, when he achieved Scandal of the Year status after being caught with a prostitute. This may have been the beginning of the end for his relationship with Hurley.

Interestingly, Grant's Jupiter, Planet of Luck, lies in Sagittarius. This placement indicates an unconscious or underlying drive to search for truth - a drive often expressed in morality. As reflecting on his 1995 arrest incident, perhaps this seeming paradox will prove to be one of Grant's karmic life lessons. Those with Jupiter in Sagittarius have deeper intellectual and philosophical interests than most, and will benefit from self-education through travel and study.

Saturn is the Planet of Karma, and in Grant's chart it lies in Capricorn. This placement can bring obstacles and hardship but also the dignity and perseverance to meet and overcome those same challenges. Grant will meet any problem with a cool and level head, a temperament supported by his Virgo Sun and Mercury.

Capricorn is another Earth Sign. Grant has a chart heavy in influences of Earth and Air - and conspicuously light on Water and Fire influences. The Water Element lends one emotional depth and sensitivity, and Fire makes one just that - fiery, active, always on the go. Grant seems sensitive enough, and a fiery disposition just wouldn't be his style. Perhaps his chart is just as it should be; after all, it's gotten him this far, and there's no sign he'll slow down any time soon.

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