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All about Matt Damon

Star sign: Libra Matt Damon
Birth details: 8 October 1970

Born under a Libran Sun, Matt values partnership and is always searching for harmony. However, Matt's Sun is in conjunction with rebellious Uranus, which means he has a wild streak in him. Be prepared for the unexpected in this leading man - there's always something rumbling beneath the surface. Matt's chart shows Mars in conjunction with Pluto in Virgo. This means that Pluto's affinity for raw power and ambition are tempered by Virgo's cautious, detail-oriented energy, which tends to put things in a tidy little package. The bottom line here is that Matt has a plan; behind that sweet smile are nerves of steel.

Matt's Moon in Capricorn paints him as a very ambitious young man. It's no surprise he won an Oscar at the tender age of 27. The flip side to this ambition is that he may seem abrupt or reserved about his feelings. This could be why former flame Minnie Driver got the cold shoulder so quickly. Despite this, Matt's Venus in Scorpio does point to passion in the love department - and may have influenced his long-term connection with Scorpio Winona Ryder. With Scorpio in conjunction with Neptune in his chart, Matt is likely to be a real dreamer, someone who views relationships through rose-colored glasses. Since it's Scorpio we're talking about, some sizzling sex can keep those glasses in the pink for a long time.

With Saturn in Taurus retrograde (travelling backwards), Hollywood's hottest sensation has a hard time with material possessions - he never feels he has enough. Consequently, that Oscar may not look golden to Matt for long. The good news, though, is that Matt's Mercury is in conjunction with Pluto, meaning he can easily get his message out to the masses. Good Will Hunting is no one hit wonder for this talent; the stars are shining brightly on his future as both a writer and an actor.

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