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All about Winona Ryder

Star sign: Scorpio
Birthday: 29 October 1971 Winona Ryder

Winona's Scorpio Sun comes as no surprise: Scorpio is a sexy and intense sign, and those born under its influence tend to be mysterious and alluring. Winona is likely to be secretive and extremely focused. She knows how to command attention, and when she sets her mind on something - or someone - that's it, she gets it. She's motivated, passionate and ultra-determined, but when someone hurts her, they'd better watch out - Scorpions are known for their sting. Winona might well lash out if she thinks someone has crossed the line.

Scorpio is a water sign, which gives Winona an intense and complex emotional life. Her Pisces moon amplifies these traits, as Pisces is also a Water sign. Where Scorpio's emotion is deep and often confusing, Piscean emotion can be intuitive or even psychic. Winona is likely to be a wonderful, giving person and girlfriend; she understands others' feelings and needs and wants to fulfil them. She may even verge on being too giving, and could allow herself to be taken advantage of. In terms of acting, however, all this Water influence is likely to be a great help since it allows her to truly understand her characters. Winona may look like sweetness and light, but rest assured, there's a lot going on underneath.

Winona's Mercury (the Planet of Communication) and Venus (Planet of Love) both lie in Scorpio as well. This magnifies her intensity in love, relationships and communication. Winona knows how to make a connection with other actors, her own characters, everybody, in fact. She is a charming conversationalist who knows exactly when to probe further. Having her Mercury and Venus together in Scorpio situated in the Eleventh House of Friends enhances her gifts of persuasion and charm. Winona relies on her friends to help her attain her goals in life; anyone would find it hard to refuse her requests.

With her Mars (the Planet of Passion) in Aquarius, Winona possesses considerable drive, energy and a flair for innovation. She is definitely an original. Winona's Rising Sign is Sagittarius, creating a love of freedom, but this is tempered by a very Scorpio-like neediness. The actress will often be torn by a desire to be independent, while, at the same time, craving the emotional comfort that can only be provided by another person.

Winona is an initiator, one who creates her own destiny. She's not keen on taking orders and will be much happier when setting her own boundaries. With no Earth Signs in her chart, Winona can be a bit impractical and is devoid of materialistic tendencies. For this reason, an Earth Sign would be a most suitable match for this formidable young woman.

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