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All about John Travolta

Star sign: Aquarius

Born with his sun in Aquarius, John is a true original; he has a progressive mind and needs all sorts of intellectual stimulation to stay happy. He's also likely to be an activist of some sort, standing up for human or animal rights. Aquarius is about positive transformation; those born under its influence are never satisfied with the status quo. They also tend to be stubborn, impatient and rebellious, characteristic of Aquarius's Fixed Quality. John is certainly determined; the critical and commercial failure of Battlefield Earth, his 2000 film made after the book by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, reportedly hasn't fazed John in the least. A staunch proponent and devotee of the Church of Scientology, he plans to film a Battlefield sequel, despite the first film's unsuccessful debut.

Since his Sun is Conjunct Venus, John's sexy onscreen charm isn't just an act. The Sun speaks to his masculine self and Venus possesses a womanly charm, making his sex appeal no surprise - John enjoys charm, good looks and natural popularity. John wants to be powerful, as opposed to merely famous. And with his Sun Square Mars, he's likely to find that power, since Mars's passion meets the Sun's vitality, resulting in an action-oriented man who will not lose.

With his Moon in Virgo, John's emotions are held in check. Virgo's energy yields a quiet demeanor and lends itself to critical behaviour. Since his Moon lies in the Second House of Possessions and Self-worth, physical comfort is important to him. With his Moon Square Mars, however, things start to rumble a bit. He can become hostile and quick to take offense (and Virgo is quite picky, after all). This alignment speaks to probable upsets at home, perhaps as far back as childhood. Since John's Moon is also Opposite Venus, emotional rifts with his mother or some feminine figure come to the fore. Showing affection toward the feminine energy in his life could prove a major challenge for this man -- which is rather hard to believe, given his charm onscreen.

His Rising Sign of Cancer may lend a moodiness that expresses John's emotional troubles, but it also makes him fill the role of nurturing family man quite comfortably. He appreciates the comforts of domesticity and puts family first. His Venus, Planet of Love, lies in Pisces, Cancer's fellow Water Sign, making John even more of an emotional sweetheart - Preston is one lucky lady to have scored such a giving, intuitive lover of a man.

His Mercury, the Planet of Communication, also lies in Pisces, however, meaning John may have trouble articulating his messages of love and devotion. He could come across as wishy-washy or he may hold an idealistic (read: unrealistic) view of his marriage. This placement is likely to enhance his acting skills, however; John connects to his characters' emotional lives and intuits their natural rhythms. He's also deeply spiritual: Since his Mercury lies in the Ninth House of Religion, his pursuit of higher learning (in his case, devoting himself to the Church of Scientology) was perfectly natural. His Mars in Sagittarius further supports his religious and philosophical pursuits; this placement of the Planet of Passion means all his actions are driven by his quest for knowledge. This combination might explain John's romantic and sexual passions; Sagittarius maybe the Sign of the Philosopher, but its Fiery influence is notoriously hot.

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