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All about Cindy Crawford

Star sign: Pisces

Born under a Pisces Sun Cindy Crawford also has her Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Pisces as well. With such a heavy Piscean influence in her chart, her charity contributions are no surprise: Crawford is deeply, intensely emotional, possibly even psychic. She experiences life on an almost completely subjective level, taking everything to heart, so to speak. This line-up of Planets in Pisces is very conducive to an artistic sensibility - Crawford is in tune with the subtle emotional rhythms of beauty, other people and the world. Her good looks and stellar presentation may actually be hiding a deeper anguish, however; while her strong Pisces influence makes for a sensitive, caring and intuitive individual, that sensitive and giving nature may lead her to give too much of herself. She may be taken advantage of or simply give up energy that would be better preserved and spent on herself.

Cindy's Venus in Capricorn, however, may be her saving grace. This placement gives her a healthy dose of pragmatism and ambition, the kind that lead to certain success. Her love affairs may tend to be based more on status - what she and her man can do for one another's careers, for example - than on a general, reasonless affection or love. In short, having the dashing Richard Gere on her arm was no chance encounter. These days Cindy likely relies on restauranteur Rande Gerber to help her achieve her current goals, which may be more along the lines of motherhood and happiness than career advancement and success.

With Mercury opposite Pluto in her chart, Cindy is well aware of the power of the media and can be easily upset by bad publicity. The negative critical reaction to Fair Game must have been devastating to this pretty woman and may explain why she's shied away from the silver screen ever since. Thanks to her Mars Square Jupiter, though, Crawford has an edge that enables her to overcome adversity and conquer her demons. But overall, at the end of the day, this very Piscean gal would rather be doing charity work than smiling prettily yet again.

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