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All about Sarah Jessica Parker

Star sign: Aries Sarah Jessica Parker
Birth details: 25th March 1965

Born under an Aries Sun, Sarah Jessica Parker appears alive with feisty Fire Sign energy. Those with an Aries Sun grab life by the arm, forcing it to keep up with their own frenetic and invigorating pace. Sarah Jessica portrays smart, active, independent women - like her character Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City or Valley Girl SanDeE* in L.A. Story. These characters seem to reflect her vigorous and pioneering spirit. She certainly looks the Aries part: lean and fit, with piercing eyes.

That Aries Sun no doubt made it easier for Sarah Jessica to stand out and excel as one among many brothers and sisters. Aries children need stimulation and challenge. Sarah Jessica found her life's work at a young age, landing her first Broadway role at 11. Parker also has her Mercury and Venus in Aries along with her Sun. Mercury rules communication; for many performers, acting is a means of expressing their own thoughts and feelings, a way to articulate their inner worlds. Since her Mercury is in active and ambitious Aries, Parker enjoys the advantage of a quick, determined mind. This is certainly an asset in showbusiness and theatre, where memory and concentration are key.

High-spirited Parker and husband Matthew Broderick must enjoy quite a passionate relationship, one punctuated by spontaneous and lavish gift-giving. Both of them have their Venus in Aries, and this placement reveals an extravagantly generous person who probably fell in love fast and impulsively. These two would want to lead independent lifestyles, as freedom and constant surprise are musts for Aries lovers. As Aries is also a Cardinal Sign, meaning Parker knows how to inspire others at least to attempt to keep up with her. Ariens, though, are not always keen on finishing what they start. How is it, then, that Parker has managed to maintain such a durable and steadily successful career?

When you consider all the steadfast Earth Signs in her chart, Sarah Jessica's achievement begins to make more sense. Like the Tortoise versus the Hare, slow and steady Earth Signs help this actress win the race. With her Moon in Capricorn, Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus, Parker's fiery and sometimes impetuous Aries influence is tempered by Earth's practicality.

Sarah Jessica's Moon lies in the disciplined and tenacious sign of Capricorn. Growing up in such a large family, this placement probably helped in her drive for success, instilling a need for security and structure. Mars situated in Virgo makes for someone who channels passion into their careers and interests. Sarah Jessica's resume boasts nearly 40 film and television projects alone, and that's not even taking into account her continued involvement in theatre and charitable organizations. When she accepted her 1999 Golden Globe for her work on Sex and the City, Parker said she'd never won anything in her life. With an Astrological chart so full of passion, generosity and determination, that golden statuette surely won't be the last thing she'll win.

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