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All about George Clooney

Star sign: Taurus

Born under a Taurus Sun, it's no wonder Clooney is so steamily sexy and determined to reach his goals. Taurus is the Sign of the Bull and possesses a great, stubborn patience that lends itself to success. Taurus is also the most sensuous Sign of the Zodiac, in love with all physical pleasures from sex to cuddling to eating rich, sweet and creamy desserts. Taureans appreciate the finer things in life - art, gourmet food, expensive cars and well-made clothes. Yet they manage to wear their class and extravagance in a decidedly down-to-earth way, a quality George has definitely mastered (after all, he's the top man on so many of Hollywood's best-dressed lists). He may be a ladies' man (and is a confirmed bachelor), but he's also a man with a plan and he'll stick to it, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it becomes. Trying to change his mind would be fruitless, since Taureans are notoriously difficult to budge.

With his Mercury also in Taurus (and Conjunct his Sun), George is a straightforward man who says what he thinks. The actor's words are well thought out and to the point, and he'll only tell you what you need to hear. Since his Sun and Mercury are both Square Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion, Clooney is quick with a verbal comeback and may occasionally shock listeners with his candour. The rebel in this Sexiest Man Alive is simmering beneath the surface, waiting to pounce at the right moment.

His Venus, the Planet of Love, in fiery Aries makes George Clooney a bit impetuous and possibly selfish in the game of love. He may have a 'me first' attitude to romance that can be hard on his lover. Furthermore, with his Venus making no aspect to any other Planet in his chart, Clooney may be similarly disconnected in affairs of the heart. Another marriage may not be on the cards. Thanks to potent Mars in dramatic Leo, the spotlight is square on George yet again. Devilishly yet regally charming, Clooney likes being in charge, the better to get the attention he deserves (or so he'd say).

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