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All about Renee Zellweger

Star sign: Taurus Renee Zellweger

With her Sun in Taurus, Renee is a practical, steady and determined type. She exhibits an earthy sensuality and is likely to be very affectionate, generous and probably somewhat possessive of her loved ones. Due to her grounded, practical nature, her friends are likely to rely on her to provide good advice. Those born under the warm light of a Taurus Sun are similar to the Bull that symbolises their Sign - sturdy like a rock. Taurus is all about self-indulgence and can tend toward laziness as a result, but the Conjunction between her Sun and Saturn, the Taskmaster Planet, ensures that she works hard and is instilled with a natural sense of duty.

Her Communication Planet, Mercury, also in Taurus emphasises and underscores the practicality and stubborn persistence of her Sun Sign. With this placement, Renee is likely to be a patient, practical thinker who relies on her common sense to make the right decision. She may be motivated by her desire for financial and material security; Taurus is a very possession-oriented Sign that likes to know who, what and how much it has on its side. Mercury in Taurus might indicate that Zellweger is not a very innovative thinker, as progressive ideas and risk-taking aren't in Taurus's nature; however, two Mercury aspects indicate that she actually has quite an astute, perceptive mind. Mercury Trines both Jupiter and Pluto in her chart, which endows Renee with wisdom and intelligence. Sound judgment and shrewd mental powers combine to give Renee a unique ability to judge the outcomes of her actions; these aspects work together to help her achieve incredible success in her life.

With her Moon in Leo, her Venus in Aries and her Mars in Sagittarius, Renee has plenty of Fire in her chart to spice up that Earthy Sun and Mercury. Her Leo Moon indicates someone who is quite dramatic about her emotions; especially as paired with her Aries Venus, Zellweger lives and loves large. She follows her emotional impulses and, due to Leo's influence, is generous and demonstrative with the people she loves. These Planetary placements pair up with her contented Taurus Sun to make for a very sunny, albeit a bit self-centered, temperament.

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